Why IT needs to become
a brand

Why IT needs to become
a brand

Virginie Briand, Owner and Managing Partner Consulting

Traditionally, IT departments haven’t been the strongest when it comes to internal and external communication. In today’s rapidly changing world, the digital transformation, development, and success of companies relies heavily on IT. IT holds the keys when it comes to:

  • Identifying and leveraging new technologies
  • Developing new digital platforms, services and business models
  • Leading new working models and mindsets: agile, swarm, end-to-end

All of the above is often not only linked to major investments, but also to major structural and process changes – involving various stakeholders throughout the organisation. The bottom line is that we see a fundamental change in the role of IT from an internal service provider and cost centre, to an integral business unit creating true business value and revenue.

Companies will only become successful in the digital age if they can engage in a fruitful and inspiring internal conversation with IT. And IT departments can only succeed in enabling and driving the business forward if they can engage in dialogues with their internal partners, clients, and decision-makers. This means they not only have to speak the same language, but IT departments have to become more proactive and assertive in establishing an open dialogue.

Conversely, IT departments also have to engage in stronger external communication. Not only do they have to raise awareness in the extremely competitive war for tech talent – but also to the general public, press and investor relations. These stakeholders want to know how and what companies are doing about building digital and future-proof infrastructures, businesses and platforms.

The same holds true for customers, both B2B and B2C. Customers want to be assured that their preferred brands, providers, and suppliers are on the right track. No matter if it is a mobility app from a premium automotive brand, or the IoT offering of a global logistics player, companies’ appeal, image, and future trustworthiness depend on their ability to communicate their digital success.

How can we start to make this happen? IT departments must begin to:

  • Develop their communication skills both internally and externally
  • Increase their appetite for internal self-marketing and PR
  • Find better ways to visually and verbally describe complex topics

If you’d love to help your IT department fly, I’d love to chat further. You can contact me directly here.

Virginie Briand

The original article was first published in the Autumn 2018 CIONET Magazine.

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