Why do I need a
‘personal brand’?

Why do I need a
‘personal brand’?

By Tanya Garma, Content Director

Today we live in an age where the lines between physical and digital realities are not just blurred, but essentially intertwined. The digital footprint we leave behind provides a clear trail of the journeys we take as human beings – some overtly accurate (such as our Google search), and some highly edited (think Instagram). What is clear is that our representation online matters. And the opportunity to manipulate and leverage our own representation is huge.

Traditional brands have always needed to use novel ways to cut through the clutter and find resonance and relevance with their intended users. And people are no different. Whether you are a CEO looking to raise your profile, or a retail assistant looking for a job, the easiest way to outshine the others in the pack is to leverage your personal brand online. Positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert in your field or industry, or even demonstrating a passion for something in particular, are just two ways to build your own brand.

‘Why do I need to do this?’, you might be thinking. Whether you like it or not, having a voice, having clear guidelines as to how you present yourself, and putting yourself out there, are all things that will open up opportunities for you. If your online representation is far-reaching, and you have captured a wide audience – these opportunities are amplified.

With any brand, it’s fundamental to identify its purpose and its UVP. So in other words, for your own personal brand you need to ask yourself:

1. What is the core essence of myself / what I believe in?
2. What is the unique value I can bring to the world?

This is the hardest thing to nail, but once you’ve done it then you have a clear base from which to develop content that represents your personal brand.

Check out how 19:13 have developed the personal brands of two of Germany’s most successful business leaders today: Tina Müller and Sabine Scheunert.

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What is the unique value I can bring to the world? ~

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