What is Growth Hacking and
why is it important?

What is Growth Hacking and
why is it important?

By Tanya Garma, Content Director

Have you heard of Growth Hacking? Did you know it’s a job title? Chances are if you’ve worked in the startup world you have worked with a Growth Hacker before, but to most it’s a relatively new title that’s cropping up more and more.

So what is Growth Hacking? It’s a hands-on, no frills, rapid-fire approach to growing a business, a following, revenue and more. Some have said it’s marketing for the digital age, but I’d call it digital marketing on steroids (in a good way!). A good Growth Hacker needs to be analytical, innovative, creative, and technical - and apply these skills swiftly and in an inexpensive fashion to grow a business.

One of the main premises is experimentation. If you’re not sure, test it. Test everything. Experiment daily. Use the digital tools at your disposal to find was that work. Data is everything – and is the key to every decision.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to be a certified ‘Growth Hacker’ to undertake Growth Hacking in your organisation. There are heaps of growth hacks you can find online and in speciality courses that you can apply in practice. You can quickly test headlines, you can test the efficacy of your landing page or website, you can rapidly check what your competitors are doing, and you can easily understand your audience’s behaviour and preferences – ALL using online tools accessible to everyone.

Here are some cool links to get you started:

So get growing!


Tanya Garma

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