Real life vs.

Real life vs.

By Michael Meyer, Partner and Creative Director

Imperfectly perfect is the aim when it comes to designing communications and campaigns which either come straight from real life or show life in such an authentic way that they are indistinguishable from reality.

The former works well if you do not attempt to influence people, allowing them to act freely and engaging in open dialogue with them. That is what happened in the social media campaign for the organisation Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM). In the concept Germany 24/30, three journalists spent a month traveling around Germany 24 hours a day to meet people who shape our economic system every day. The only agreement reached between the INSM, the journalists and us was that there would be no attempt to influence the content at any time. The result is an interesting picture of our society and our country, from a farmer to the CEO of a DAX 30 blue-chip company.

We also developed a campaign for Sport1 and Sport1 FM which was produced similarly, albeit in a totally different context. We accompanied editors and presenters from the TV channel and radio station throughout their working day and interviewed them repeatedly. As a result, we were able to perfectly portray pure passion for football and therefore the Sport1 brand’s product.

Portraying real life is sometimes the toughest challenge.

There are hundreds of examples of attempts which have failed spectacularly. Casting is one of the keys to success, along with styling, language and film equipment which must never be recognisable as such. Even the tiniest mistake which doesn’t fit into the overall picture spoils the illusion for the viewer. After all, real life has wrinkles, wonky hats, and the occasional badly done-up tie. It’s getting them in the right place that’s important and making sure they’re always perfectly imperfect.

Germany 24/30

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