“Wow, is it already
Christmas again”

“Wow, is it already
Christmas again”

By 19:13 GmbH

“Schenken, was bleibt" is the motto of this year's Christmas campaign from FC Bayern Munich.

The communication goal of the 360-degree campaign was to ensure that a gift from FC Bayern is above all associated with heartfelt emotions and the deep connection between a fan and their club. A gift from FC Bayern Munich is not only cherished and cared for, but also always loved. Something from FC Bayern is not simply given away anymore. It is a gift that lasts.

Together with print and POS, the communication was significantly based on film. Two TV spots were launched during the campaign period, with the extended film versions running on the Social Media channels of the association. Radio spots were also created for duration of the campaign.

The campaign concept - "Schenken, was bleibt". The ideas of FC Bayern Munich for Christmas - was also used by all divisions within FC Bayern to great success.


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Motion Picture

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Making Of

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