“Do something like you
did for Sixt.”

“Do something like you
did for Sixt.”

By Michael Meyer, Partner and Creative Director

Why we take humour seriously.

“Do something like you did for Sixt” is a sentence we’ve heard many a time over the last 12 years. Jean-Remy von Matt has probably heard it even more often. However, what marketing managers often forget when they say this is that humour requires one important thing: courage. That’s especially true when it is subtle. What is more, humorous communications don’t suit every brand.

We’re ruthlessly honest and terribly correct in this regard.
Another point worth making is that only Sixt can be Sixt.

Nevertheless, humour and tongue-in-cheek wit are so wide-ranging that it is possible to develop something unique for any brand that lends itself to a humorous approach. Laughter can be a great way to win over hearts and minds and influence the viewer’s actions.

Sixt, Mini

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