Around the houses

Around the houses

By Fritz Schuhmann, Creative Director Text

19:13 and lateral entry

I never actually studied anything of use. I had to break off my geography degree for disciplinary reasons, I completed a degree in music management with distinction – and subsequently went into an occupational nose-dive after joining a record label. I’m not a great coordinator – others can do that better, nor can I listen for long. Teamplay – sure, but working alone is also good.

I had to do something my life, but what skills did I have – and what could I do with them?

I’m good at identifying stories, shedding light on the truth – and making sense of crazy words and thoughts. I pick up the ideas and desires of other people; sort, interpret and process them until everything has been moulded into a logical, comprehensible and attractive package. I take my own thoughts, shape them into approaches, and then into practicable ideas. I get people to consider things they don’t want to think about at all. I develop communications concepts based on basic ideas so simple and obvious that they are often overlooked – and give people the feeling that my ideas are their own. I’m a storyteller, someone who ignites enthusiasm, an observer, psychologist, painter, sculptor, poet and explorer. Did I study these subjects officially? No. Should I have? Of course not.

I'm Fritz, Creative Director for copy, and a lateral career entrant at 19:13.

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