Transforming Mobility.

‘Travel business class – pay economy!’ This has been Sixt’s brief for years. Fully electric, completely autonomous; for two hours, for four years – or a drive to the nearest restaurant… Whatever is required, Sixt guarantees affordable automobility for the core target group of business travellers – and for tourists and private individuals. That’s a comprehensive worldwide service via the ‘Sixt ONE’ app. Sixt has successfully transformed a traditional car rental service into a global mobility provider – at the speed clients have come to expect. 19:13 has been serving Sixt SE for over ten years in the fields of airport marketing, social media, including moving images, and with the ongoing image campaign. For Sixt, the latter involves our transforming politically and socially relevant issues into promotional communication ‘overnight’. We deploy a satirical format to communicate the appropriate part of the Sixt service portfolio – in real-time. Thanks to the courage shown by Erich Sixt, the true media value achieved is many times greater than the expense and effort involved.

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Sometimes, working for Sixt is like being in a fast-paced newsroom. Everybody has to react quickly to current events. Create, shape, coordinate – and produce at the speed of light. By the way, the photographer who took this shot of Mr. Gauland was delighted to make it available for use.

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Annual general meeting 2018

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Airport Marketing

When Sixt invest in communication output, they don’t do anything by halves. They make sure Europe’s best car hire service is always highly visible. With spectacular outdoor communication we ensure the Sixt portfolio takes centre stage – again, and again, and again.

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Social Media

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