Schöffel GmbH

The transformation of an outdoor brand.

We have been the lead agency for Schöffel GmbH from Schwabmünchen, Germany, since May 2018 and are working to ensure the brand maintains and enhances its market-leading position in the highly competitive outdoor sports apparel sector. With the reinterpretation of the “I’m out” claim, a comprehensive marketing and communications concept was created, that highlights the core values of the company: independence, originality, aplomb, proximity to customers and reliability.

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Holistic service

Being the lead agency for the market-leading outdoor brand in German-speaking countries not only means bearing the responsibility for strategic brand management and communication of ‘outdoors’ in these regions, it also entails campaign conceptualisation, planning and implementation. On top of this, there’s the POS, Social Media and moving image work – and in addition – we are also their strategic partner in the fields of digitalisation, and as a consultant for products and innovation.

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Striking, modern, more human: Schöffel’s new Corporate Design relies on alpine scenarios, authentic imagery and sophisticated stills. The product plays a greater role in visual communication activity, while the ‘outdoor’ spirit – our flow moment – has been made more tangible via the clear and intelligent language of the brand.

Schöffel Originals

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Schöffel Originals is a fresh interpretation of an outdoor line and design hallmarks borrowed from a number of cult items in the Schöffel collections of the 1970s and 1980s that since 2018 successfully targets young, urban buyers. To strikingly highlight this sub-brand, the design features of this retro line stand out consciously from classic outdoor aesthetics.

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