Sabine Scheunert

Sabine Scheunert


Daimler AG

How we transformed a senior leader at Daimler into an influential thought-leader in the tech scene.

An opportunity to rise as a top management leader within Daimler, heading up the newly formed team and cultural program, digitalONE, Sabine Scheunert had a clear mission: to bring Daimler’s digital and technical prowess to the fore and establish herself as a formidable female leader in the global tech scene.

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An empowering ecosystem

19:13 is the key partner to Sabine Scheunert and her team, in developing a total innovative content, communication, and profile-raising ecosystem that fully strengthen her image as the face of future mobility within Daimler. We have, and continue to, collaborate together to develop the following key initiatives:

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Shape her voice and focus areas
19:13 developed a clear personal brand for Sabine Scheunert, that includes establishing and setting the appropriate tone of voice, the values to communicate, and the areas of focus for all external communication. This is aligned with her strategic focus fields in her Daimler role.

Design her communications strategy
We developed, and continually optimise, a communications strategy that details the appropriate pillars of content, audience insights and learnings, and novel modes and formats to utilise. Monthly analysis and reporting allows us to continually test and learn and optimise content to success.

Craft and cultivate her LinkedIn profile and content
We work to develop the most topical content that we know will resonate strongly with Sabine Scheunert’s current and desired audiences. We manage her LinkedIn profile, ensuring the curation and creation of varied content (updates, videos, articles, images), and the cultivation of a highly engaged community.

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Develop storylines and presentations for keynote events
19:13 develop the creative ideas and keynote presentation narratives for Ms Scheunert’s participation at global keynote events in the tech community, such as Web Summit, MOVE, and the Dublin Tech Summit. The beauty of the events, is that they provide ample further content opportunities, enabling the content ecosystem to flourish.

Select strategic opportunities to give back to the community
We helped Sabine Scheunert drive and facilitate a mentorship program whereby she fosters the career growth of young and talented women who are shaping the future through technology and IT.

A phenomenal result

Our work in establishing Sabine Scheunert as a formidable and highly influential leader in the tech space, and ambassador for Daimler’s mobility future, has yielded phenomenal results:

  • Recognised official LinkedIn Top Voice of 2018
  • Over 200% growth of her LinkedIn community within 12 months
  • 20k+ total interactions on her most successful piece of LinkedIn content
  • 5.5% engagement rate on LinkedIn (significantly above-average)
  • Over $3.5 million-worth of exposure based on her keynote presentation at the global Web Summit in 2017

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