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How we defined the positioning of Lab1886 within the tech scene, and within Daimler, through visual storytelling and grassroots initiatives.

A need for re-imagination. Lab1886 is an internal incubator for Daimler. Its purpose is to empower Daimler’s worldwide team to deliver digital innovation with speed and agility, of which only an independent incubator can achieve.

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The Goal

Lab1886 was facing issues with its awareness both within Daimler and in the tech scene. Internally at Daimler, it was relatively unknown. Externally in the tech seen, it was perceived to be too closely aligned to a corporate entity.

Lab1886 faced a strong need to establish its positioning both in the public sphere, in order to secure the most exceptional tech talent on offer, and within its parent-company, Daimler to incubate the most progressive and innovative technical projects.

A fundamental resolution

19:13 have established Lab1886’s positioning, vision and culture, forming the basis for all of their internal and external communications. Through our work, we have enabled Lab1886 to position themselves internally at the forefront of innovation for Daimler, and externally as a powerful and independent player in the tech world. We’ve done this via these key directives:

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Crafting the Lab1886 Pitch Story Presentation
We were completely responsible for the story, design and build of a powerful pitch presentation– crucial for pitching internally at Daimler and presenting the organisation at global tech events. This presentation is one of the most critical tools Lab1886 uses to secure projects to incubate from Daimler, as well as attracting top tech talent from an extremely competitive industry.

Creation of a compelling Visual Identity
19:13 developed a striking and arresting identity for Lab1886 – visually stamping their place within Daimler and the tech industry. The identity needed to feel future-forward, ultra-modern, and prominent, so we created the complete global CI/CD ensuring a consistent brand presence across the website, e-newsletter, merchandise, and business stationary.

Crafting a strategic HR campaign to attract global top talent
19:13 took a new and unconventional approach in developing a complete strategic recruitment campaign to capture the attention of international tech talent. We undertook highly in-depth interviews with employees and target audience groups to gain valuable insights into motivations, pain points and media and lifestyle preferences. A comprehensive and step-by-step roadmap was designed with a variety of actions for Lab1886 to entrench themselves in the tech scene and position the incubator as a lucrative option for an alternative to a traditional startup.

A transformative outcome

The work we’ve undertaken for Lab1886 has successfully shifted its standing both at Daimler and in the tech industry. Daimler’s own awareness of Lab1886 has vastly increased, with a multitude of new projects currently being incubated. In the tech scene, Lab1886 is now being viewed as more than just a Daimler company – securing a number of critical hires from all over the world and a team that continues to grow.

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