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FC Bayern München

As a brand and a product, FC Bayern stands for emotion, passion and hunger for success – and thus, fully-powered communication.

Week in, week out, year after year, this message is recharged. A magnificent history and a bright future guarantee the most gripping content imaginable. This content, this history – and the stories it has produced – are used cleverly and constantly to represent and showcase FC Bayern in all its facets – and thrill fans, members and followers over and over again.

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FCB 120 Years

How do you promote the 120th anniversary of one of the biggest football clubs in the world? We have agreed with FC Bayern to address a variety of very democratically and demographically representative target groups of the club’s supporters, members and followers. Rather than taking a blanket dragnet campaign approach, we chose a sophisticated mix of communications on channels tailored to each recipient and group. Internationally, Social Media activity is to focus on Instagram. Regionally in Germany there will be a print presence in daily papers, backed by local and digital OOH advertising.

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Campaign Home jersey 2019

For the Launch of the new FC Bayern Home jersey in May, all relevant FC Bayern newsletter clients received a video with a very special ending: On the new Home jersey their own name was already visible. (Here the is the standard version, that was successfully shown on all Social Media channels of FC Bayern).

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The making of ‘Heimat’ films

The FC Bayern Home jersey 2019/2020 has a very unique design: On the front, the honeycombs of the Allianz Arena are visible. An homage to the home of FC Bayern, the Allianz Arena in Munich. This was reason enough to honour their home with an even longer film, shown on all FC Bayern Social Media channels and the FC Bayern website. Altogether, four films, seven teasers and one special film with Uli Hoeneß were produced.

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Campaign UEFA Champions League jersey 2019

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No other club in Germany has played as long in the German Bundesliga as the FC Bayern. Being not only a top team, but often an odds-on favourite, strengthens the Social Media and Out-of-Home campaigns right in the heart of Munich.

Campaign Away jersey 2019

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FC Bayern play ‘away’ games not only to take part, but to win. Mission three points, no matter the pitch, fortifies this campaign. This includes a film clip in cooperation with the FC Bayern Basketball team.

Communicative restyling of the FC Bayern store, Allianz Arena

“The measure of all things”, that’s the requirement of FC Bayern concerning the new store in the Allianz Arena. We took this briefing literally and measured the success of FC Bayern – with figures and facts confirming each performance and every player. The result is a modern, bright communication that restrains itself in the crucial moments and becomes a stage for the products of this record champion team. Still, there are not just a few visitors who are excited to experience the success and legends of the club so closely while shopping. The concept was created intentionally similar to it’s neighbour: the FC Bayern München Museum.

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Merchandising Magalog

Beside the FC Bayern adidas Wear, the FC Bayern offers its fans a lot more. Casual top fashion for men and women – for almost every occasion, no matter if it’s the pitch, the office or in leisure time.

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