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How we strengthened the digital transformation at Douglas through powerful communication.

A need for radical reinvigoration. Douglas is currently the number 1 beauty retailer in Europe, and seek to maintain that position sustainably into the future. With new and disruptive players entering the market, and an increasingly younger, tech-savvy, and demanding customer base, Douglas faced a clear need to provide compelling experiences and moments to maintain customer loyalty and reach new audiences. To do so, Douglas must focus strongly on enhancing their customer experience via digital and interactive touch-points and tools, and create an internal culture of innovation.

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A transformative partnership

19:13 works together with Douglas to help drive strategic collaborations and initiatives that fuel their customer offering, foster an outstanding working culture, attract the very best digital talent, and communicate their success to the world.

We have systematically helped Douglas embolden their European-wide team, and position the company externally as an innovator in the beauty retail space, through a number of key actions:

Creation of a Strategy Identity

19:13 developed a clear and stunning identity for Douglas’ ambitious and exciting transformation strategy, that worked to motivate and mobilise the entire Douglas team, as well as effectively communicate it to the industry and public. The name and identity needed to feel modern, fresh, and progressive, as well as drive conversation and engagement both internally and externally.

This included:

  • Visual identity: it’s logo and style.
  • Strategic framework: creating a visual model for the core pillars of the strategy.

Developing Internal Communications

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To rally the entire European team of thousands of employees around the #FORWARDBEAUTY strategy and the ongoing transformation occurring within Douglas, 19:13 have developed and activated a variety of internal communications:

Internal presentations delivered in the new ID and style of #FORWARDBEAUTY.

Town hall presentations and videos created and broadcasted across the entire pan-European Douglas team – including developing the core narrative, designing the presentation and storyline, and enabling the technical capabilities for international webcast.

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Designing External Communications and Identifying Opportunities

Part of the #FORWARDBEAUTY plan is to effectively communicate it to the industry, and position Douglas as an innovative retailer. In doing so, it is critical that we position Tina Müller as the leader and driving force behind #FORWARDBEAUTY, using her platform to communicate Douglas’ future. 19:13 works collaboratively with Ms Müller and her team to identify

the best events for her to feature in and deliver keynotes to, as well as selecting strategic communications partners for Tina Müller’s Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

A brilliantly effective result

The #FORWARDBEAUTY strategy at Douglas has been met with a rallying and motivating response from the Douglas internal team. Tina Müller is perceived internally and in the press as a progressive and transparent leader, leading Douglas forward into the future.

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