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A clear need for change

In an industry rife with technological disruption, Daimler is investing heavily in securing its digital future. The focus on developing digital mobility services has brought digital technological capabilities to the fore of strategic importance within the business. Daimler needed to find a way to drive up digital skills, share knowledge, and accelerate an organisation-wide ‘culture of digital’. Additionally, shaping the organisation’s external perception (away from auto-maker towards mobility provider) was critical to attract exceptional tech talent and forge fruitful partnerships with tech start-ups.

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A transformative solution

We partnered with Daimler to create digitalONE – a phased change and cultural program – transforming the IT Sales & Marketing unit into a high-profile and engaged community of tech advocates and experts within the organisation and industry.

Phase 1: Establish

Strategy, Vision & Mission
19:13 worked together with the entire leadership team of the organization to help craft together the vision, mission and strategy for this team.

  • The underlying strategy of the program, was developed in joint workshops by Global top executive workshops.
  • 19:13 shaped the strategy into an inspiring, motivating and visually compelling way.
  • Global events were undertaken to anchor the strategy and vision within the team.

Team Visual Identity
19:13 developed a visually arresting team ID that unified and mobilised the 2000-strong global team and communicated a clearly differentiated positioning within the company: digitalONE. The new ID captured the spirit and purpose of this unit: ONE team, ONE mindset, ONE digital vision.

Internal Communications
To allow the global team of more than 2,000 employees to become ambassadors for digital and technical expertise within the company, a variety of internal communication tools are introduced:

  • digitalONE weekly e-newsletter detailing internal developments, showcasing case studies and success stories, and sharing critical knowledge.
  • Internal presentations delivered in the new ID and style of digitalONE including training employees on the art of presenting and pitching.

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Phase 2: Rally

Digital Champion Award
A core part of driving digital thinking and achievement was to develop ways that recognises and rewards exceptional and innovative accomplishments in this area. 19:13 developed the concept for the annual Digital Champion Award, honouring the teams that developed the most transformative digital solutions for Daimler.

Ambassador Program
19:13 developed the concept to identify influencers within the team, and select them to become digitalONE Ambassadors. Their task is to create content, share knowledge, and participate in initiatives that brought digital topics to the attention of Daimler, and embed the strategy into the organisation across all levels. As a kick off, we developed Ambassador Boxes which served as a clever and cute way to on-board the new digitalONE Ambassadors.

Digital University
Working closely with the digitalONE team, Digital University was born as a way to drive further up-skilling and education in digital topics. We seek external experts to participate, speak, teach and create partner content for internal education within digitalONE.

  • Expert speakers
  • Mentors
  • Webinars

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Phase 3: Amplify

External Communications
It became critical to bring the work of digitalONE beyond Daimler’s four walls. As the public face of digitalONE, Sabine Scheunert (Daimler CDO) is continuously featured as a prominent and influential speaker at various tech events around the world. 19:13 works hand-in-glove with Ms Scheunert and her team to identify the best events, develop exceptional keynote presentations, and select strategic communications partners for content on Sabine Scheunert’s LinkedIn channel (learn more here).

digitalONE on JIVE
JIVE is a company-wide social intranet, and digitalONE was the first team to employ JIVE as the internal communications and knowledge sharing tool within digitalONE. This has created an even stronger virtual community, broken down geographical barriers, and fostered collaboration. 19:13 has developed strategic content and initiatives to drive the community aspect even further – with a view to bringing this community to the entire Daimler organisation.

An exceptional result

The digitalONE community continues to thrive and prosper within Daimler. The cultural and operational changes have enabled digital mobility solutions to arrive in market at previously unprecedented speeds. digitalONE has been lauded as a benchmark within Daimler, as a thriving team to look to when it comes to spirit, efficiency, and achievement.

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