About us

About us

Our promise

We create change.
We communicate change.

A child builds a LEGO® house, is briefly delighted with their achievement, shows it to everyone, then knocks it down and builds something new with even more enthusiasm. The finished house isn’t what drives them or what they are passionate about: it is the never-ending opportunity to make changes.

We think that any business needs precisely this openness and ethos to create change and become the best in its market, whether it is a long-standing firm, a hidden champion or a start-up.After all, the market says: “Hey, what have you built today?” not “Hi, can I have another look at that house you built the week before last?”.

The business world’s answer to LEGO® is digitisation and the opportunities it presents for all of us. It offers the hardware and software infrastructure which makes it possible to take businesses and brands forward sustainably – not as a follower, but as a market leader and pacemaker.

We help businesses and brands to complete the digital transformation. First of all, we sit down together to identify the status quo of the business and brand. We listen, ask and understand. Our focus here is on internal processes and internal communication, but also on transforming all products and the way in which they are sold, shifting the POS and its sales activities from bricks-and-mortar distribution to online and mobile marketing.

Our expertise also centres on branding, brand communication, and digitisation speed and flow. Corporate design, campaign conceptualisation and management, and branded content are just some of the many important building blocks which make up the overall brand experience.

We only start work once we have completed a precise analysis and jointly identified the needs of the business and the brand. If necessary, with the best network of specialists for any given set of requirements. Let’s play.

Who we are

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Michael Meyer ~ Owner, Managing Partner, Chief Creative

Virginie Briand ~ Owner, Managing Partner Consulting

Virginie Briand

Virginie is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 19:13. She started the business in 2007 with fellow Co-Founder, Michael Meyer, naming it 19:13 after the time when the team working with Apollo 13 came up with an inventive solution to bring the astronauts home. Since then, Virginie has led the 19:13 team to bring a vast array of clients 'home' - helping them achieve success through brilliantly relevant solutions designed for the digital age.

Prior to founding 19:13, Virginie spent the majority of her career at BMW Group, working in brand and product strategy. She spent a year in BMW’s tech office in Silicon Valley before becoming BMW's Head of International Advertising where she oversaw the global marketing campaigns for all car launches and brand communications. 

Virginie is a serial marathon and trail runner, keen traveler, and mum to little Juli. She is fluent in German, English and French.

“I love to connect with people and solve complex business and communication problems with strategically-sound solutions.”

Michael Meyer

Michael is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative of 19:13, as well as CEO of wag it GmbH, the subsidiary company of 19:13 that’s developing digital entertainment products.

His career began at the BMW dealership network, followed by years in the purchasing department of SIXT SE - a time in which he discovered the true value and power of communications, and campaign development in particular. Springer & Jacoby (Hamburg) and Jung von Matt (Munich and Hamburg) were the next steps of his non-typical copywriting and concept career, from Trainee to Creative Director (Copy). Clients at that time include Mercedes-Benz, smart, Sixt, Telekom, Manager-Magazin, and BMW international. During this period, Michael won tons of awards, among them a Cannes Gold for smart (350 awards in total). After that, he worked as a freelance Creative Director for brands like Coca Cola, AUDI and Volkswagen.

Today, he is driven by a ground-breaking idea, rather than by the prospect of further awards: Michael seeks to connect with as many people as possible via brilliantly relevant creative solutions – be it campaigns, communications, or brand experiences. To him, digitalisation is a gift, as well as the perfect foundation, to achieve his goals.

Michael is married and has two little children, who make sure he is never ever bored.

Our team

Founded in 2008
Offices in Munich and Stuttgart
30 people

19:13 GMT, 11 April 1970, Cape Canaveral, Florida. The launch of the Apollo 13 mission. When it really mattered, it was the vision, openness and determination of everyone involved which transformed a baffling problem into NASA’s greatest success. No event could be a better fit for us and our way of thinking than the story of Apollo 13. That has been clear ever since the agency was established in summer 2007.